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I love ppl. And I trust ppl. I like drawing, music, psychological moves and licorice ice cream.




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  1. tatianausa:


    • 100 “Believer” (front) / “Dreamer” (back) WRISTBANDS both words are written on each wristband)
    RULES :
    • REBLOG
    • MAKE A DONATION to one of the Echelon Takes Action campaigns (created by the group Yesthisisacult). Even a few cents matter !!!
    • Send an email to donation-giveaway-echelon@hotmail.com
  2. * Special Mars giveaway *


    Giveaway :

    • Forty “Dreamer” & “Believer” wristbands YOUTH SIZE (20 winners - each winner gets two wristbands)

    Rules :

    • Reblog once only
    • You do not have to follow me
    • This giveaway will end on April 18th
    • Ship worldwide
    If you have any question my ask box is always open :)
    Good Luck *MarsHugs*

  3. i’m so f*king happy to have this drawing signed by Jared <3

    i’m so f*king happy to have this drawing signed by Jared <3

  5. the most talented person i have ever met&#8230;&lt;3

    the most talented person i have ever met…<3

  7. Jared Leto’s quote

    Does anyone know where this quote came from: “Fuck you!This is what you say to anyone trying to keep you from living your dream!” An interview or what?

  8. tatianausa:


    • two Triad necklaces (two winners)
    • one Glyph necklace (new size - same than the triad)
    • one S/T album
    • one A Beautiful Lie album
    • and one This Is War album (all three albums are new and have never been used)


    • Must REBLOG ONCE ONLY this post AND my other
  9. tatianausa:

    Hi guys, this is a new special Mars Giveaway.

    This time I’m gonna ask you, Echelon, to help us raising money for one of the Echelon Takes Action’s campaigns (Water, Fight Against Hunger and Pencils Of Promise).

    In exchange of a donation of $10 minimum in one of the campaigns,…

  10. like drawing him &lt;3

    like drawing him <3